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What is asbestos? 

How does this affect me?

Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring minerals made up of, thin fibrous crystals. These fibers are found in certain types of rock and soil and have been used extensively in construction and manufacturing due to their durability, strength, and heat- resistant properties. However, it is now recognized that inhaling asbestos fibers can cause severe health issues, including lung cancer and mesothelioma, making its use and handling highly regulated.

Asbestos abatements involve the safe removal or encapsulation of asbestos-containing materials to prevent toxic fiber release and minimize exposure. This process is crucial to protect human health. Proper asbestos disposal involves strict adherence to regulations and guidelines to minimize environmental and health risks. Trained professionals like the ones at KRYSTAL CLEAN RESTORATION wrap the material in specialized bags or wrapping material, clearly labeled as asbestos waste. Transportation is done by licensed carriers to designated landfills for safe containment. By removing or encapsulating these materials through abatement and proper disposal, the risk of exposure decreases significantly both within buildings and surrounding outdoor areas, ensuring a safer and healthier environment for occupants and the public.


Trusting the right professionals

The trained professionals at KRYSTAL CLEAN RESTORATION are essential in the asbestos abatement process to ensure safety and prevent contamination. These specialists have undergone extensive training in asbestos handling, personal protective equipment use, and strict adherence to safety protocols like containment procedures and decontamination techniques. KRYSTAL CLEAN RESTORATION is licensed, insured and experienced. We employ trained and certified experts making us the ideal choice for a safe and successful asbestos removal experience.

Krystal clean restoration has got you covered!
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